Get Out Of Payday Loans

Get Out Of Payday LoansCan you remember what it was like BEFORE your payday loans? I bet you wish all the burden and stress of payday loans would just disappear. I remember when I was in payday loans, trying to make ends meet. All I was doing was going farther and farther in debt! I would pay off one payday loan with another and then another! Each time I would have to pay a bigger fee and get deeper and deeper in debt.


Why isn’t the government, the ones that say they are here to help protect us, not protecting us from this predatory lending? They must know that this is going on, right? Right. They do know this is going on and some of them are getting paid (campaign contributions) to help these payday loans out and pass laws making it so much easier for payday loan stores to take your money.


There are some good politicians left out there and they are doing what they can, but they need your help! How Do I Get Out Of Payday Loans is helping those few good government officials help the general public get out of payday loans. You see, laws are already put in place to help guard you against this predatory lending, but the laws are so buried that hardly anyone can find them! Who has the time to even look for something that is so hard to find, or maybe you didn’t even know these laws existed? How Do I Get Out Of Payday Loans is based on such laws to help protect everybody from payday loans. These loans are ruining our lives and our economy!


How Do I Get Out Of Payday Loans researched these laws, contacted government officials, and are working with them to get the word out! But, their hands are tied because the government can’t do anything unless they know something wrong is being done. How Do I Get Out Of Payday Loans makes sure that the Government knows about this wrong doing with every customer we have. We send the necessary paperwork to you and talk to the necessary government officials for you!


How Do I Get Out Of Payday Loans will not consolidate your loans…..we will get you out of them!


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How do i get out of payday loans

Fake collection calls are one of the most enduring — and intimidating — scams we see. And now, thanks to caller ID spoofing technology, scammers are posing as FBI agents in an attempt to scare consumers into paying debts they don’t owe. How the Scam Works: You answer the phone. The caller ID says “Federal Investigations,” and the person on the other line claims to be an FBI agent. He or she says the FBI is monitoring your online activity, and they know you have an overdue payday loan. You may actually have an outstanding loan, but the caller is looking to collect far more than the balance. And he/she wants to you to pay by wire transfer or pre-paid debit card. When you balk at the amount, the “FBI agent” threatens legal action and jail. This is especially scary because the caller has your personal information. He/she may even know your social security number, address and place of work. Despite the threats, these “FBI agents” don’t have power over you. Don’t give in and pay money you don’t owe; it’s likely scammers will just be back for more. Below is advice on how to deal with these intimidating calls. What to Do if the “FBI” Calls: Remember, wire transfers and prepaid debit transactions cannot be tracked or reversed. Scammers often demand money by wire transfer because it is like sending cash, once the transfer is sent it cannot be undone. Prepaid debit cards are similar, once you give the access numbers to the scammer, they cannot be retrieved. Just hang up and don’t call back. It is tempting to get the last word, but you may end up giving scammers information they can use later. Contact your local police department to report the impersonation of law enforcement or if you feel threatened by the caller. Don’t believe caller ID. Caller ID spoofing makes it very easy for callers to pretend to be someone else. Scammers have also posed as everyone from immigration authorities to utility company representatives to local police. Ask the debt collector to provide official “validation notice” of the debt. Debt collectors are required by law to provide the information in writing. The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor and a statement of your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If the self-proclaimed collector won’t provide the information, hang up. ... See MoreSee Less

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